T—Shirt  »Try to find a Balance«
Everpress, 2022

Limited T-Shirt available from 13.April2022 for 21 days

Order here: www.everpress.com/try-to-find-balance

Sonderedition / Siebdruck und Buch

Peoples! Here is my new T-Shirt made in collaboration @everpresshq 🌞 Get ready for summertime!
You can order the „try to find a balance“ Tee from now on only for 21 days! So if you want follow the Link in Bio! If you have questions dm me.

Order: www.everpress.com/try-to-find-balance
You can chose between 2 garments:
1 / Everpress Premium Organic Shirt and 2 / Earth Positive Organic light Shirt

Prize: 30 €


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